Impossible? I'm possible!


Visual stories about wholehearted humans on their way. About people who are connecting worlds by questioning the status quo by starting great projects, NGOs, a soul business or another cause worth talking about. About organizations who change the way we feel and think because they dare to dream big and are keen to let their partners, employees, fellows and friends follow their true nature.

I’m about business-stories and portraits for the open hearted, the future minds, creative souls, transformation coaches, female speaker, explorers of the world, life lovers and projects who need to be seen and heard. For all those who dare to dream big, be bold and vulnerable. Women who embrace their uniqueness, organizations that value diversity and all those who enjoy the journey they’re on. People and projects who believe that their story matters.

 You don’t need to be loud to be heard and seen. It’s enough to be and to start showing up for yourself and what matters to you. To be stretching out for the stars, for all that’s possible with an open heart and  a creative mind in a curious and playful way.